Saturday, July 9, 2011

Skoliosis Indonesia

Bagi para skolioser di Indonesia seperti saya, coba lihat organisasi "Masyarakat Skoliosis Indonesia" yang berpusat di RSCM Jakarta:
Bisa juga pemeriksaan skoliosis di RS Fatmawati.

Mungkin bisa berguna. Dan untuk siapapun yang terkena skoliosis, jangan pernah putus asa :)

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  1. Hello my name is Bobby. I have a woman cousin who has scoliosis. Her name is Valentina, she went for spine surgery about a year ago when she was 24 years old (now 25 yo). Now the spine curve is 35 degrees before was 67 degrees. She regret that she did not get surgery treatment earlier, now she is frustrated, blaming her parents, and start threating to commit suicide.

    I thought if she has someone to talk to, especially if the person has the same problem like she has would be good for her. She lives in Tangerang Indonesia. Probably she can chat with you from the internet. She speaks both bahasa and english.